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  • Owner/COO
  • Master Certified Remodeler
  • Certified Lead Carpenter

“We love remodeling and how it can make a difference in peoples’ lives.”

Dan is passionate about continuously improving the remodeling experience for Hurst’s clients. To that end, he uses his years of carpentry experience as well as his organizational and team building skills to create processes at Hurst that produce the highest quality results. Dan works closely with the design team to ensure a smooth transition into the construction stage. In addition, Dan serves as a Project Consultant, assisting in the design and creation of projects that help our clients love their homes again. Dan is a member of the NARI Executive Committee and serves as Vice President. He is also a member of the Education Committee and the Remodeled Homes Tour Committee. His pastimes include spending time with his family, golfing, movies, Ohio State Football, good food, and the occasional camping or fishing trip.

Team Member