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David Frye

  • Project Consultant
  • Certified Remodeler
  • Joined Team: April 2016

“Having worked in the home remodeling business for the past 30 years I thought I had seen it all, but joining Hurst has been a great learning experience. Their innovative and collaborative approach to each client’s project and great attention to each detail makes my job considerably easier because we deliver on, or exceed the expectations we set for each project.”

Dave’s experience in the Northeast Ohio home remodeling industry has made him a valuable addition to the Hurst team. His deep understanding of the marketplace and the industry allowed him to hit the ground running at Hurst. Dave works with Hurst’s clients to create detailed project specifications that help clients understand exactly what they can expect each step of the way. Dave is an avid cyclist. Earlier this year Dave participated in a cross country bike ride from San Diego, CA  to St Augustine, Florida. He and his wife Mary live in Columbia Station. Visits from their Granddaughter, Scarlett, make their day.

Team Member