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Hurst Remodelers Receive Advanced Certifications

All Six Hurst Team Members Seeking Advanced Professional Certifications from NARI were Successful!

Kevin McDonald and Mike Voloschuk received their Certified Remodeler Certifications
















Tom Paulus, Josh Gillies, Tyler Wilhelm and Shawn Mayo all received their Certified Lead Carpenter Certifications


Kevin and Mike who both have their Certified Lead Carpenter designation took their talents to the next level to reach the Certified Remodeler milestone. This impressive designation not only focused on their years of experience in the the field and in project management, but also required them to complete an extensive program which focused on safety, regulations, industry knowledge, and company management.

To receive their Certified Lead Carpenter certifications Tom, Josh, Tyler and Shawn were required to have a minimum of five years continuous practice in the remodeling industry and responsibilities beyond the technical production aspects of a project; including customer contact and communication, supervision of subcontractors and employees, managing the job site, scheduling, and safety issues.

We are so proud of the time and effort that each of these team members put into this certification process. The team attended classes for weeks and helped each other with study groups after work and on weekends. Hurst has more NARI certified remodelers than any company in Northeast Ohio. Our talented team and their dedication to continuous improvement sets us apart.

Congratulations one and all! A very impressive way to start the New Year!


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