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Ugliest Bathroom Contest Winner Announced

After three months, 35 entries and over 4500 votes, the winner of Hurst's Blossom Time Ugliest Bathroom Contest was announced on Sunday in the Big Top Tent at Blossom Time.  The lucky winners were Marc and Peggy Graham of Shaker Heights, OH whose pink-and-green beauty earned over 1400 votes.

"We are really excited about the project, and looking forward to working with the team at Hurst," said Marc.  The bathroom they entered is original to their 1930's home; some people actually commented that the matching pink sink and toilet were "cute." But the Graham's are tired of it: "No amount of cleaning or new towels has ever lessened the impact of the Pepto Bismol pink and green tile. Some people see some charm in the pink toilet, sink and tub but after 11 years its become downright ugly to us."

D8300A7CB75E51ECCF7DFE17C22C6EC0 The Graham's winning bathroom

"We've really enjoyed this contest," said Pat Hurst, Co-Owner and Project Consultant at Hurst Design-Build-Remodeling. "It has been so much fun seeing the new entries--there are some pretty ugly bathrooms out there--and we're looking forward to making the Grahams' bathroom into a space they love."

On April 17, the top five vote-getters earned a spot in the Blossom Time Program.  Here are the other top contenders:

As the winners, the Grahams won $15,000 toward the cost of remodeling their bathroom from Hurst, and the project will be completed by the end of the year.  Stay tuned for progress reports!


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