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Color Psychology

Pairing colors is an exciting way to create dramatic contrast and dimension in your home. You can achieve this through a decor technique called color blocking--where designers combine a few solid hues to create a single bold look. When choosing your shades, try a monochromatic color scheme for a purposeful look or channel your daring side by using three different and unexpected colors. You don’t have to limit this decor tactic to paint color. Instead, get creative and combine hues through furnishings and decor. Find an area or small nook in your home, like in your living room, and paint an accent wall electric blue. Place a purposeful sofa or chair against the wall, then add in aquamarine cushions and a turquoise wall hanging to tie the blue color blocking together. When combined, these happy shades create an upbeat and energetic feel that is perfect for lounging in or entertaining guests.

Curling up with your favorite book is a simple and relaxing ritual like that is great for unwinding after a long day, so consider carving out a space in your home for this sole purpose. Think about what colors to bring into this space to ensure it radiates feelings of comfort and peace. Blue is a tranquil color, as it makes us think of natural environments like the ocean or sky, and has many classic shades to choose from while designing and decorating. Whether you carve out an area in your family room, attic space, or a makeshift corner, a defined and properly designed space to relax in will make your time spent at home even more enjoyable and relaxing. A good place to start is picking out a supportive chair or sofa. A neutral piece is a timeless choice that will pair well with blue accents, like cushions, shelving, artwork, vases, and any other cozy items that complete your relaxation space.

With fall quickly approaching, it’s a great time to consider what hues to include when decorating for the new season. Bright yellows and oranges are classic choices to celebrate the season of change. As your family gathers together for the holidays, think of ways to spice up your dining room table with fall-colored decor by using mini hybrid pumpkins and gourds. They work as cute serving vessels for soups, too, and don’t make a mess! Your dining area is most likely the central hub for all things food, so consider upgrading to a sustainable and quality table that will provide years of value and last through all your holiday traditions and meals. A great way to add instant warmth to your dining space is by choosing a wood table. They pair well with almost any color but look especially cozy with neutral colors. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color by decorating with tuscan red table runners and place mats or creating a diy fall dining table centerpiece to tie together your family gatherings.


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