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How Do You Know if Your Remodeler is an Experienced Professional?

How do homeowners looking to renovate, know who to trust?

When you are ready to remodel your home there will be countless decisions to be made in the months ahead. From major decisions on the project scope and budget, all the way down to deciding which cabinet knob you like best. The long list of important decisions can be daunting. But there is one decision that ranks as the key to a project’s success, who to hire. Finding a trusted team to work with to design and build your project is the most important decision in the process.

How does a consumer know who to trust? There are a lot of recommended ways to ensure you are making an educated choice. Do your research before you decide on a remodeling company. Start by asking your friends and neighbors for recommendations. Get several company references from people in your community who have done similar projects recently. Read online reviews. Look at the local Better Business Bureau website and see if a company you are considering has any open complaints. And finally, find out if the company is accredited and if it has certified remodelers on staff.

Here is some information from NARI – the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, about their certification process and what that means to consumers.

NARI Certifications were developed to recognize highly experienced remodeling professionals, capable of planning and managing complex remodeling projects to client satisfaction.
Certified professionals represent an elite group of industry experts who possess extensive technical and management skills that set them apart as capable remodeling professionals.

Hurst Design Build Remodel has more certified remodeling professionals than any remodeling company in Northeast Ohio with 12 members of the Production Team holding at least one professional certification.  Hurst is also a NARI Accredited remodeling company assuring clients they are working with a remodeling company compliant with THE industry standard for remodeling businesses.

Here are the professional remodeler certifications earned through NARI and what it takes to become certified.

Master Certified Remodeler (MCR) represents the highest and most prestigious level of certification NARI offers in recognition of those professionals who have made valuable contributions for the betterment of the industry and have withstood the test of time with continued success in business.

NARI Certified Remodelers (CR) are recognized as highly experienced remodeling professionals who provide a full range of remodeling services. CRs possess expertise in a broad range of business management and technical skill areas, identifying them as well-rounded remodeling experts capable of managing all aspects of a remodeling project.

The CR Program addresses the fundamentals of managing a full-range remodeling operation:

  • Sound business operations and procedures necessary for operational efficiency and increased profitability.
  • Key financial indicators a remodeler/business owner must manage.
  • Navigating building codes and communicating with code officials.
  • Job site evaluation and identifying hidden defects and unknown conditions.
  • Green remodeling and building science.
  • Capabilities of the various trades required on the remodeling project and how to determine if the work is performed correctly.


NARI Certified Remodeling Project Managers (CRPM) are recognized as competent remodeling professionals, well-versed in the operational and business aspects of remodeling projects toward timely completion and increased profitability.

The CRPM program addresses the fundamentals of remodeling project management:

  • Project planning
  • Project cost management
  • Risk management
  • Personnel management
  • Quality assurance
  • Record keeping
  • Communication and client satisfaction

NARI Certified Lead Carpenters (CLC) are recognized as expert hands-on field professionals who oversee every on-site aspect of the project, such as personnel management, subcontractor management, scheduling, safety, administration, customer satisfaction, etc. while also working on the site.

The CLC Program addresses the fundamentals of in-the-field project management:

  • Operational practices and procedures designed to maintain projects on time and on budget for increased profitability.
  • Personnel management for optimization of workflow.
  • Navigating building codes and communicating with code officials.
  • Interpersonal communication with clients and trade contractors.
  • Capabilities of the various trades required on the remodeling project and how to determine if the work is performed correctly.

Years of hands-on experience in the field, learning best practices to manage projects, keeping projects on budget and keeping up with all of the latest construction best practices, along with months of rigorous course study and testing are all important determinates to becoming a Certified Remodeler.  Click this link to visit our Team Page and read more about all the Certified Remodeling Professionals at Hurst.

Here is a list of Hurst’s Certified Remodelers

Pat Hurst, Owner and CEO - Master Certified Remodeler & Certified Green Professional                               

Dan Hurst, Owner and COO - Master Certified Remodeler, Certified Lead Carpenter, Certified Remodeler Project Manager

Mike Voloschuck, Director of Constructions - Certified Remodeler              

Kevin McDonald, Project Manager - Certified Remodeler

Tyler Wilhelm, Project Manager - Certified Remodeler Project Manager

Dennis Keller, Project Consultant - Certified Remodeler

Zach Gutherie, Home Services Manager - Certified Lead Carpenter

Josh Gillies, Project Manager - Certified Lead Carpenter

Johnathan Travaglianti, Service Carpenter - Certified Lead Carpenter

Nick Atkins, Service Carpenter - Certified Lead Carpenter

Doug Dilley, Carpenter I - Certified Lead Carpenter

Frank Cirino, Carpenter I - Certified Lead Carpenter


Additional Certifications Held by Hurst Team Members:

Jim Pinter, Director of Architecture - LEED BD +C Accredited Professional

Catherine Kiczek, Designer - National Kitchen & Bath Associations Cabinet Specialist


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